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24/7 Employee Online Medical Helpline

Exclusively for employees and their families who are covered by a Lifeline Plus policy issued by American International Group UK Limited..
Employee Medical Helpline

Additional Services available for Eligible Employees via MyHealthPortal

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Does milk make you sick? article image

Does milk make you sick?

Lactose intolerance may give you stomach problems including pains, diarrhoea and gastrointestinal symptoms. Symptoms and causes.

The Big Unveil- Get your body ready for summer article image

The Big Unveil- Get your body ready for summer

Most people cover up in the winter so when the sun shines and the temperature goes up our bodies are not looking their best. Here are some tips on getting your body ready for the summer.

The 8 signs that you definitely need a holiday article image

The 8 signs that you definitely need a holiday

Job satisfaction is essential for a happy life but even the most dedicated workers need a holiday. The signs that you should take time off. We all know the feeling. Our work isn't the problem, we really enjoy it but still we feel listless, exhausted and generally dream of flying off somewhere, anywhere, as long as it is far away. Don't worry, you are not sick. You are probably experiencing from what has been called 'burn out'. In this article we look at the phenomenon of burnout and try to understand why it happens to us, what are the symptoms and more importantly what can we do about it.