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MyHealthPortal is an internet based employee health clinic enabling subscribers to apply for medical services 24/7, by phone, mobile, or laptop. The services are provided by professional UK trained nurses and doctors linked to world leading USA hospitals.

For any concern regarding their health or that of their family, via MyHealthPortal subscribers can apply to a UK medical team with any medical query and receive a personal answer. In the case of critical conditions, after obtaining a first diagnosis, the MyHealthPortal medical team can link subscribers to leading USA hospitals to obtain a professional, reliable and rapid second medical consultation. This service is vital since it can help avoid medical mistakes and empower patients with a wide review of a medical case enabling them to make an informed decision.

In general, the main value that drives the MyHealthPortal medical team is to empower eligible employees and their families with information to help them deal with any health concern. The idea is to ease access to personalised medical support through the PC, laptop and mobile phone.

MyHealthPortal also includes health related articles that bring practical ideas on how to better manage a medical condition and to help subscribers adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Who can benefit from MyHealthPortal?

MyHealthPortal is an exclusive benefit for employees and their families who are covered by their employer's American International Group UK Limited's Lifeline Plus insurance policy.

For beneficiaries of these policies, the application process is easy:

  1. Account activation - by clicking on 'Join Now' on the MyHealthPortal homepage and inserting employer's name or policy number (eligibility check).
  2. Choose the service required
  3. Submit the medical query to the MyHealthPortal medical team.
  4. Get your response via SMS or email alert or any other proffered method of communication

The MyHealthPortal is exclusively managed for American International Group UK Limited by Second Opinion Telemedicine Network (UK) Limited (SOUK). SOUK is a world leader in the management and development of online health clinics providing a wide variety of remote medical services by using interactive interfaces.

Available Services