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10 natural ways to younger looking eyes

Black circles & wrinkles under your eyes? 10 natural moisturisers to protect your eyes from the ravages of time.   2016-03-22

One of the first visible signs of ageing is often around the eye area, whether it be dark circles or puffiness under the eye. According to statistics, the average woman in the UK will spend an eye watering amount of £8,523.97 during her lifetime on skin products alone, with a portion of that splurged on expensive eye creams and serums.

Men in their 30’s living in the UK, are now spending 3 times as much on skin products, bought by them to halt or moreover reverse the ageing process, than on gym fees, and a survey conducted by Debenhams department store, corroborates these statistics by citing that this same group of men were prepared to fork out, anything up to £40.00 on a single purchase of an eye cream or serum.

In this age of austerity many UK folk have little or no money remaining to shell out on pricy eye care products after the essential household bills have been paid, and consequently many people of both sexes just consider that they have to stoically endure their puffy eyes or under eye dark circles. However, this need not be the case. Both of these irksome problems can be alleviated and moreover resolved with cheap home sourced and indeed FREE preparations.

Possible reasons for puffy eyes and dark discoloration on the skin beneath the eye

However, before we list some of these quick and effective remedies, we will explore some of the causes, apart from the inevitable ageing process, which may produce under eye dark circles or bags.

  1. An upsurge in melanin or commonly known as pigment is the material that provides us with our skin and hair in its normal colour. An excess of this in the skin is medically termed as hyper-pigmentation.
  2. Darkening under the eye as a result of skin becoming slacker.
  3. Losing fat underneath the eye.
  4. A further cause of dark circles is due to broken blood vessels under the eye area.
  5. Unfortunately our eye skin appearance is also governed by our lifestyle choices. A diet lacking in nutritious food stuffs, an excess of caffeine and tobacco will result in both eye bags and puffiness, as will too many late nights, resulting in insufficient sleep.
  6. A darkening of the skin under the eye may also be genetic, and in these instances the discolouration can be noticeable from the ages of 9 or 10 years old.
  7. Another culprit linked to our high tech environment is our love of computers and game consoles, and peering at any screen for protracted periods will have the eventual unwanted effect of sleepy and gaunt looking eyes.

We now come to the crux of this article, and consequently, here are our top tips on how to beat those unprepossessing eye bags and dark circles.

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Almond Oil

This truly is a fabulous substance, devoid of any artificial components, and helps keep the fine skin under the eye area moisturised with the added bonus of alleviating those unwanted under eye dark circles when used on a regular basis. In conjunction with almond oil, you can also apply Vitamin E oil, which will eradicate under eye dark circles.

Potato au naturel!

The humble potato contains natural bleaching substances, which not only eliminates puffy eyes, but can improve the appearance of dark rings around the eye area

The much undervalued cucumber. Really?

Absolutely, as apart from merely being an addition to any plate of salad vegetables, cucumbers contain both natural gentle astringent substances together with skin lightening properties, which will not only help to resolve any dark circles, but furthermore by placing a thick slice of cucumber over the eye area will result in both a calming sensation and a rejuvenated appearance of the delicate eye area skin per se.

Dead heading your rose bushes

Then don’t throw them in the compost, instead why not steep the rose petals in water to make your own natural rose water which is an astonishing constituent for all skin care including the fragile eye area. Nothing better to relieve tired eyes, when cotton eye pads soaked in rose water are placed on closed eyelids for approximately 15 minutes. You will immediately notice a positive change in overall eye appearance.

Unused half a lemon sitting in the fridge?

Then revive it by squeezing the juice and soaking a ball of cotton wool, which can then be applied around your eyes, left in situ for about 10 minutes rinsed off with warm water and voilà, where did those dark circles go?

Plenty of zzzzz’s

Imperative if you wish to ward off those unsightly looking puffy eyes. Healthy adults should have an uninterrupted sleep for between 7 .5 to 9 hours nightly.


Yes simply by keeping well hydrated, you can abolish those dark rings around your eyes.

Grow a little herb garden, and pick a cluster of mint leaves

Simply crush them into a paste and apply to the whole of the eye area (lids closed of course! ) unwind for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with tepid water. Tired haggard looking eyes replaced by sparkling revitalized peepers!

Herbal Chamomile tea bags

Pop one in for the pot for a delicious cup of relaxing tea, and use another tea bag for tired eyes with visible dark circles. Simply immerse your teabag in hot water, followed by a dousing in moderately cold water and place on closed eyes for approximately 20 minutes, and hey presto where did those dark circles go?


Next time you breathe in the enticing fragrant aromas wafting throughout the beauty section of our department stores, which hypnotically draw you towards the shelves stocked with tantalizing packaged boxes containing sexy looking eye creams and serums that purport to have miraculous results, stop and consider what you may have at home, that just might produce the same positive effect on the appearance of dark circles or under eye puffiness, without an expensive price tag attached!