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10 Tips for Greener Living in 2010


It's easier than you think to make your home greener. Give every room an instant eco-makeover with our simple tips:

1. Energy Saving Light bulbs – Use an energy saving light bulb, they last 10 times longer and will also save you up to £7 per bulb. Also switch off the lights and TV's when you leave the room, don't leave TV's in `standby mode`.

2. Line Your Curtains – Lined, heavy curtains will provide an extra layer of insulation and stop the heat from escaping through your windows.

3. Use The Smallest Ring On The Hob – Size is everything and using the smallest ring on full power will guzzle up less gas than using the larger ring. Also use lids on saucepans, this will help your food to cook faster which means less gas spent cooking.

4. Pick An Oven With A Fan – Fans are 25% more efficient than conventional ovens. There is now a wide selection in the shops.

5. Buy Energy Efficient Refrigeration – Buying an A+ rated fridge-freezer will save £40 per year. Pack freezers ¾ full so you don't waste energy cooling air that floods out when you open the door.

6. Wash Your Veg In A Bowl – Don't waste water by washing veg under running water, use a bowl to conserve vital drops of water.

7. Turn Down The Thermostat On The Heating – Even during the very cold spells in winter turning down the thermostat by 1 degree could save you £50 annually and help the environment too.

8. Use Timers and Dimmer Switches – Using a timer means the lights can be on when you return at night without being on all day. Also using a dimmer switch set on the lowest level gives adequate lighting and a `warm glow’ but uses much less electricity.

9. Wrap Up Your Water Tank - Use a hot water tank jacket, it is easy to fit and also provides cost-saving benefits.

10.   Baths and Showers – Reuse your bath water by considering sharing the water with other members of the family. Also use the water for watering your plants roots. Use an egg timer to limit the time your family spend in the shower, saving water.  Always fix dripping taps and leaks around the house.

Just a few of the many hundreds of tips to help you save energy and money at home. It is in all of our interests that everyone does their bit for the environment – no matter how small.

We can all make a difference!