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Second Opinion
  • Independent second diagnosis
  • Provided remotely by leading USA hospitals
  • New medical report prepared by expert medical team
  • Based on existing original diagnosis by Consultant
About the service
In the UK we benefit from a free National Health Service (NHS) which has worldwide recognition as one of the best health resources in the world.
However, despite all the advances made in medicine, and effective life saving treatments, during times of illness we may need added assurance and reassurance that there are no other treatment options for a diagnosed medical condition that may have been explored.

This route may have resulted in an enhanced outcome.
Our second opinion facility allows you the benefit of a separate professional independent consultation.
This INNOVATIVE Second Opinion service provides YOU with the option of sending your medical file to a leading USA hospital for an additional review prior to you making any informed decisions regarding any possible immediate or future treatments.

Simply put, a "second opinion" or conversely a further opinion is when an independent Consultant offers his/her view on any diagnosed condition and then subsequently provides YOU with possible treatment options that may not have been offered initially.

To initiate our INNOVATIVE second opinion facility it must by definition, be a second opinion based ONLY on the existence of a first and definitive diagnosis by a Consultant not a GP.
The Second Opinion service is an avenue for YOU the patient to receive additional expert advice and information from a separate and independent Specialist Consultant.
Consequently DON’T DELAY, contact our team today.
Advantages of the Service:
  • Access to specialist medical professionals in world-leading hospitals in the USA who will provide you with an independent and comprehensive report of your case.
  • Expands your options and helps you make an informed decision;
  • The process of facilitating the service is supported and managed by the MyHealthPortal medical team in the UK and in the international centre.
  • Applications for the UK are not limited to insurance claims.
  • This service is an integral component of your insurance, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  • Applications can be submitted for any medical need.
  • Approval in advance from your insurer, broker or employer is not needed in order to apply for the service.
  • Any case can be reviewed by more than one specialist, including radiology.
  • For cancer cases a multidisciplinary consultation is available.
  • The second consultation can be provided in a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the case.
  • May provide you with a vital option before a critical medical procedure - surgery or indeed other treatments.
  • The reassurance of knowing that you making a decision based on enhanced underpinning knowledge.
  • An independent medical consultation reduces the risk of a medical mistake being made.
How Does It Work?
To be eligible for the service you must have received a definitive diagnosis by a Consultant not by a GP.
1. Applications can be submitted by:
     Using the designated form
2. Online applications can be submitted only after registration to MyHealthPortal.
3. You can call the MyHealthPortal team for further clarifications on how to submit all your relevant medical documentation including medical images to initiate the second opinion process.
4. The nursing team is available 24/7. If you contact us by phone you will receive an immediate reply, if you do so by email you will receive a reply within a maximum of 30 minutes.
5. The MyHealthPortal medical team will advise you as to what medical information is required by the specialist consultant who will provide you with the second opinion.
6. The MyHealthPortal team of doctors (in the UK and outside the UK) will thoroughly review all your medical documentation which will be summarised, analysed and prepared for dispatch to the nominated specialist consultant.
6. Depending on the case or the patient preference, the file will be submitted to the most relevant hospital - learn more about the list of hospitals.
7. The information will be transmitted via the MyHealthPortal designated secured system.
8. The MyHealthPortal team in the UK will receive your second medical consultation within days/weeks depending on the complexity of the case.
9. The second medical consultation report shall be forwarded to you via your chosen mode of communication.
10. We at MyHealthPortal are committed to protecting your data. Your medical information will be shared only with those who are involved in providing you with the service.
11. Remember, there is no limitation on the number of times that you can use the service.
12. Clarification – in order to provide you with a clear, professional and rapid consultation, the MyHealthPortal medical team is assisted by its international headhunters who have more than 15 years experience in the provision of medical consultations.
13. The Second Opinion Service is intended for your personal use only in the enhancement of your physical (not mental) health. This service will not be provided when any type or form of legal action is being pursued or contemplated by the subscriber. The term Legal Action includes any type or form of action against an employer or employers in an employment dispute or in a dispute connected to an accident or injury in the place of employment or arising in the course of employment.
14. The Second Opinion service will not be provided when a physical examination or assessment or a psychiatric or psychological examination or assessment are required. The service does not provide you or entitle you with a face to face meeting with the consultant.
When to Use the Service
The Second Opinion service is designed to empower MyHealthPortal subscribers with fresh, professional and personal information to enable him or her to make an informed decision.
The Second Opinion service is vital in the following cases:
  • When there is doubt as to the accuracy of the diagnosis;
  • Before a major procedure or treatment;
  • When information about a possible alternative treatment is required;
  • When a multidisciplinary review of the case is essential;
  • To have the peace of mind that you have not been misdiagnosed;
  • In the case of a rare medical condition.
Service Tips
To help us provide you with the most effective and prompt Second Opinion service, before making your call, please make sure that you have all the necessary information at hand.
We will require the following:
  • Your name - (or the name of the patient if it is not you)
  • Date of birth
  • Employer name
  • Policy number
  • Contact telephone number and e-mail address
  • Health Question with appropriate information about type and duration of illness (if appropriate).

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